Common Sense Rules

1. No means NO in any language.

2. Always ask before touching anybody.  Always.

3. Be self-disciplined and respectful of others.

4. No one under the age of 21 allowed to attend club functions.

5. Do not discuss the club or members in public. Use discretion.

6. Do not give out the club location to non-members.

7. No use of illegal drugs on the premises.

8. No illegal activity of any kind allowed at club functions.

9. Membership cards must be presented for entrance to any club function.

10. Remember that the club is private, once you leave the club you are in a public atmosphere, act and dress accordingly.

11. No cell phones, cameras, or any other recording devices are allowed to be used inside "THE CLUB" at anytime. NO EXCEPTIONS!!

12. Use the party time for meeting, socializing and getting to know other couples.

No Means No!

We do not assume responsibility for the actions or behavior of our attendees. We do expect acceptable manners of behavior, common courtesy to others, and discretion. All couples and singles shall exercise the same respect, dignity and discretion they want others to show in return. Any problems that might arise concerning these issues will be handled by the club, ONLY IF:

(1) It is requested by a member, or
(2) Certain behaviors are causing a disturbance.

We believe you should to be able to handle your relationships with other members. Be prepared and able to say "No" in a polite, yet firm manner. DO NOT expect us to do that for you! If a member will not take NO for an answer, then our staff will take care of the problem. NO means NO! Crude, lewd and socially unacceptable behavior WILL NOT be tolerated!

If you are coming to the club with a partner, establish your boundaries beforehand.

Single women are always welcome at any party, "THE CLUB" is a safe and comfortable place to kick up your heels and meet some nice couples or singles.

Single men, remember there are couples and singles looking for you. The more you introduce yourself, the better are your opportunities. When meeting a couple, we suggest you talk to both of them to prevent misunderstandings.

Misunderstandings are less likely to occur when you are upfront with everyone.

Be polite and understanding with everyone.

And most of all, ENJOY YOURSELVES.....



Frequently Asked Questions


What kind of people attend the parties?

Our typical members are married couples.  Most are in their 30's and 40's, but we have members from 21 to 60 plus. We have single females that attend on a regular basis. As our parties have grown, we have become more diverse. We discourage "cliques" and urge all our members to meet the new members that join each week. We think you will find the friendliest people in Oklahoma here at "THE CLUB".

When are the parties?

You may click here to see our future parties.  Parties start at 8 pm and last until 2 am. (The Halloween party starts at 7:30 pm.) If you are a new member, you ARE REQUIRED to attend the Welcome Warm up held before the party. Once you have become a member you do not have to RSVP for future parties.

Will I be pressured to do anything?

No! Pressure is not tolerated.

Are single men allowed to attend?

Members may bring a single male with them.  The safety and comfort of our couples is our PRIMARY concern and objective. Each of the single males invited to participate in our parties must be sponsored by a couple which already has a membership.  All single males must RSVP and receive permission from us for each and every party they plan to attend in order to keep the ratio of single men to no more than 5% of couples.

I'm a single male.  How do I attend a party?

The only way for you to attend is to get invited by a couple that already has a membership.  You must complete the RSVP form and receive permission from us for each and every party you would like to attend.  You must enter the party with your sponsoring couple.    The sponsoring couple is responsible for your actions, just as you are.  You do not have to sit with them, but if any problems occur, your membership will be revoked, and the sponsoring couple will no longer be allowed to invite single males.

Single males are asked to abide by the following:  Etiquette Guide For Select Single Gentlemen In the Lifestyle!

Tell me about the cost.

The fees are as follows:

Membership Fee (This is a one time fee paid at your first party):

$20 per couple.
$5 per single female.
$20 per single male (Single men are only allowed entrance when brought by a sponsoring couple.)

Party admission is:

$50 per couple
$20 per single female
$60 per single male (Single men are only allowed entrance when brought by a sponsoring couple.)

What about the Amenities?

You are welcome to bring you own alcoholic drinks and mixers.  Small ice chests are fine.  However, you must furnish your own ice.  All of "THE CLUB" functions are BYOB. We provide set-ups for your drinks (i.e. sodas, tonic water, lemons, limes, ice, etc.). We also provide hors d'oeuvres and light snacks throughout the evening for your convenience.  Please remember, Drink Responsibly! Since we are located in a hotel there is no reason to risk your life or the lives of others.